How much money could you be saving on your power bill?


Are your energy bills too high? Do you want to know exactly what you can do in your business to reduce energy costs?

Our results show that most homes and businesses can reduce their energy bills by 10% through better energy management, or by 25% with carefully chosen equipment upgrades. Some businesses have saved more than 50%. In dollar terms, this means that in most cases a $60k annual electricity spend can be reduced by around $6k per year without any capital expenditure, or by $15k per year with a capital spend of $15-30k (1-2 year payback period). These sort of savings often surprise people, but they are very real and very achievable.

Eco Powered Solutions specialises in energy use reduction strategies and solutions for both residences and businesses Australia wide. We provide a full turnkey service from initial contact through to installation, servicing, warranties and ongoing support.

We offer a free, no obligation energy efficiency audit to determine how much you could be saving so contact us today to arrange your free energy audit and start saving costs and energy today.


Call us on 1800 787 049 or send us an enquiry 




           We specialise in...

                   - Peak Demand Reduction
                   - Energy Audits & Monitoring
                   - Power Factor Correction
                   - Power Analysis & Conditioning
                   - Tariff Optimisation
                   - Solar Power
                   - Energy Efficient Products
                   - Energy Storage Systems 

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                      NSW Lic. 214983C
                      CEC accreditation - A4052041



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